Welcome to OutsideAgents.comYou now have access to a complete travel agency business solution including advanced online research and booking tools, robust customer management tools, cutting edge marketing systems, interactive communities, and much more.  The purpose of this document is to help you complete your enrollment and start taking advantage of all the resources available to you through OutsideAgents.com.

To complete the enrollment process, you'll need to fill out and return your W-9 form, direct deposit form, and our simple Agent Agreement within 30 days.  To do this, just click here to download your W-9, click here to download your direct deposit form, and, click here to download your Agent Agreement.  Then, print them, fill them out, and mail them along with a copy of your voided check corresponding to the information you provided on the direct deposit form to 8030 Phillips Highway, Suite 13, Jacksonville, FL, 32256, Attn: Marty OR fax them to 904.739.3219 Attn:  Marty OR scan and email them to marty@iwantacruise.com.  You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view the W-9.  If you don't have it, just click here to download and install it.

After you've completed your enrollment, you'll want to click here to see a brief online Orientation session that will further introduce you to our company and the extensive resources available to you through OutsideAgents.com.  Next, you'll want to visit our On-Demand Training Library in the Tool Center under the Training drop down to see our Level 1 and Level 2 Technology Trainings.  Both are required for all agents and will teach you how to use our main client and booking management systems.  From there, you can add yourself to the map and get to know fellow travel professionals from your area of the country.  You will also want to subscribe to our training channel on Youtube.com by clicking here.  Finally, once you've familiarized yourself with the website and it's tools, please visit our Live Training Calendar  in the Tool Center under the Training drop down to see our upcoming live online training sessions.  We strongly recommend that you continue your education by taking advantage of the marketing, vendor, destination, and product training we offer on an ongoing basis.  Remember, the more you learn, the more you sell and the more satisfied your clients will be.  It's that simple.

Agents residing in Florida must file for an exemption with the state by visiting http://forms.freshfromflorida.com/10211.pdf .

While not required, Errors and Omissions Insurance is highly recommended for all agents. We offer a deeply discounted policy at cost. If you're interested, please click here for more information.

Also not required but available, we have premium websites available for you through AgentStudio.com with live booking engines and free marketing systems.  For information, please click here.

If you plan to do groups of any kind, you should take a look at My Booking Genie.  It's a group management and promotion tool that will boost your sales, streamline processing, and make you more money.  You can find out more about My Booking Genie by clicking here.

We recommend that you purchase business cards right away.  You can get a 5% discount off of Vista Print's already low prices by using this link:  http://outsideagents.biz.vistaprint.com.

Toll free numbers are available starting at $2 per month.  You can get one by clicking here.

Your user names and passwords for our primary technology platforms are as follows:  


Username:  Your email address

Password:  the password you selected when you completed the registration process.

This is our main login page that gives you you access to our agent Tool Center filled with all of the tools and resources provided by OutsideAgents.com including our agent forums, booking tools, and information resources.


Username:  Your email address

Password:  Use the recovery link to retrieve.

Accessible from the Tool Center under the "Booking Tools" drop down, PowerAgent is your primary travel booking tool and customer relationship management system.*

*Your Power Agent access should be active 5 to 7 business days after you signed up.  If you cannot access it after that time, please call us.

Again, we offer several free and paid options for powerful websites.  Click here to see your free options and click here to see the much more powerful paid options.  We believe that a professional website is essential for any business in today's world.

We realize this is a lot of information.  To help you drill down to the essentials, we've created a quick start guide you can view when you click here.

Please contact Chad or Steve at the phone numbers and emails below with any input, feedback, or questions you may have.  Remember, your success is our number one goal, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Chad Technical & Online Marketing Support - Co-Owner chad@iwantacruise.com   866.208.5604 x 210
Steve Sales & Traditional Marketing Support - Co-Owner steve@iwantacruise.com 866.208.5604 x 312  
Marty Booking and Processing Support marty@iwantacruise.com 866.208.5604 x 224
Heather Vendor Sign-ups & Booking Processing heather@iwantacruise.com 866.208.5604 x 230
Jessie Booking Processing & General Support jessie@iwantacruise.com 866.208.5604 x 212
Renee Agent Mentoring & General Support renee@iwantacruise.com 866.208.5604 x 260
Ellen Agent Mentoring & General Support ellen@iwantacruise.com 866.208.5604 x 261
Dan Groups & Sales Training dan@outisideagents.com 866.208.5604 x 262

Once you have completed your registration, please be sure to visit the Email Safe List Instructions in the Agent Center on the Resources page under the "Info & Notes" drop down for information on how to insure delivery of emails from us.

Thanks again for joining OutsideAgents.com.  We look forward to working with you.   


Chad Burt


Cruises & Tours Unlimited and OutsideAgents.com

Congratulations!  You've taken the first and most important step towards building your travel business!

This letter will introduce you to some of the tools available with OutsideAgents.com

and give you links to important information and procedures.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call: